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Tern is an events and community platform for travel careers in the new economy.

Why travel?

Travel is a huge industry. According to Phocuswright, travel is a $1.3 trillion industry, not including $100b in private accommodation and $100b in tours & activities.
Technology is changing travel. Online travel gross bookings in APAC have gone from $4.8b in 2002 to US$137b in 2016 (Phocuswright). And mobile in Asia is leading the transformation.

Why Tern?

Our customers are changing and so must talent. It is creating new jobs in travel and it empowers us to redefine the way we work, live and play.
Tern has three objectives: To redefine perceptions of travel careers, address mismatch between skills and new jobs and help working travel professionals remain relevant and enriched throughout their career.
We believe that like the Arctic tern, which undergoes the largest known migration in the animal kingdom, following a zig zag pattern, your travel career can be long, enriching and fulfilling provided you know how to navigate your way through this multi-billion dollar industry.